Storycards for publishers

Increase advertising revenue a hundred times more once they use Storycards and let your editors come up with great interactive experiences.

Bring the power to your editors

Let your editors come up with great interactive experiences and embed them on articles inside your site and mobile app.

Increase advertising revenue

Sell specific and smarter segments that others cannot offer and increase advertising revenue.

Create premium articles

Create more interesting premium articles and show news content with interactive tools and at zero cost.

Boost your users' engagement

Give the power to your users and make them involved in your content with polls and voting systems.

An integral part of your website

Storycards product will look like an integral part of the website or mobile app, as though it was custom developed for you.

Design by your site guidelines

Customize behavior according to your needs and design according to your brand guidelines so your product will look like it develops special for you.

Analytics and insights

Storycards analytics dashboard gives you all the information you need but you can always add or connect your tracker.

The data is always yours

Get more value by connecting your existing CRM and marketing tools.

Encrypted data

Your data is encrypted and only the users you have granted permission to access can view it.

Work with your team

Drive collaboration with your team and create groups with advanced roles and permissions.