Storycards for digital and advertising agencies

Make a hundred times more profit once they use Storycards. Bring back the power to the creative people so that they can create their ideas with zero cost.

Premium results

Create better products than you currently do for your clients, get premium results quicker, without the need for developers, and with zero cost.

Create your ideas at zero cost

Your customers do not have to imagine anymore, create the real product at zero cost and convince your customer to move forward with your idea.

Increase your leads

Gather more leads for your customers with interactive engagement tools.

Personalized segments

Create smarter segments based on users’ choices and run personalized advertising campaigns.

Design by your customer's brand guidelines

Absolute control and freedom to design just the way you want it. Start from scratch and build custom designs for each client by Smooth drag and drop, with no coding.

Analytics and insights

Storycards analytics dashboard gives you all the information you need but you can always add or connect your tracker.

The data is always yours

Get more value by connecting your existing CRM and marketing tools.

Encrypted data

Your data is encrypted and only the users you have granted permission to access can view it.

Work with your team

Drive collaboration with your team and create groups with advanced roles and permissions.

Publish and Scale

Go live with one click, and without any worries. Storycards network will scale your product by the number of visitors to your site.