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Authority Magazine
Asa part of our series about cutting-edge technological breakthroughs, I had the pleasure of interviewing Gil Rabbi.
European Business Review
In this article, we will present five startups that you should know about. These startups are innovating their industries and are providing lots of value to their partners and clients.
Storycards is a game-changing innovation for eCommerce retailers and for digital agencies. They provide the opportunity to create products without the need for any costly development.
“One of the keys to the effectiveness of Storycards is the way that it employs artificial intelligence,” Rabbi explains. “The platform provides feedback on how to improve itself as well as how to increase the level of engagement with the site users.
These tools put business users in the driver’s seat of custom application development projects with little or no coding skills required.
Storycards is an Israeli company giving power back to publishers who are expecting to lose their advertising methods next year.
Engagement products are a new breed of no-code platforms that focus on enabling marketers to build platforms for customers and prospects-or "customer engagement" if you will.
International Business Times UK
Following the huge success of Wix in no-coding web design, another Israeli company, Storycards, led by engagement guru Gil Rabbi will bring no-coding to online customer engagement.
One such solution is Storycards, an Israeli startup founded by Gil Rabbi. As an enabler of freedom design, Storycards gives users the ability to create any concept and freedom design as they desire.
Finance Yahoo
Storycards has been chosen by The European Business Review as one of 5 innovative startups to watch.
World Israel News
Israel has a flourishing startup ecosystem, which provides a fertile ground for many of the world’s most innovative technologies. It is home to the largest number of startups outside of Silicon Valley and is ranked as one of the most innovative countries in the world.
Times of Israel
Interview is with Gil Rabbi, Founder & CEO of Storycards.
It is the Internet’s first no-code engagement product that can change the user experience for people around the globe.
His passion and astuteness in technology led him to push innovation in the digital world, founding “Storycards” and “Rabbi Interactive Agency.
Business News Ledger
Storycards, a startup based in Israel, aims to revolutionise the way we look at and use no coding website development services.
Israel National News
Israeli engagement expert Gil Rabi announced another new innovation in the area of online engagement.
Apn News
As the Founder of Storycards and Rabbi Interactive Agency, he has proved what he truly possesses as Israel’s digital pioneer.
A quick look around us will let us know how a few people, brands, and businesses have been making noise for the kind of work and the level of contribution they are making in their respective industries.
News Heads
Here is a reason he is known as the engagement guru and digital pioneer of Israel, thanks to his tenacity and passion for creating digital products and improving engagement.
Everyone believes that you need coding knowledge to create a good website that will engage users, however, Israeli tech guru Gil Rabbi has changed these notions.
The platform’s workflow lets editors develop great interactive experiences, mix and match from various products to create a unique engagement and customize behavior experience according to their needs.
News Track Live
Storycards assign a score for each product created on the platform, which shows the website or app owner what users are doing with it and what should be improved, in real-time.
Ritz Herald
The huge success of companies that give the option to create websites without knowledge, Storycards, led by one of Israel’s digital pioneers, Gil Rabbi, is making a bold attempt to do the same but in the world of engagement.
C’est un truc de fou, ça va changer tout le secteur publicitaire”, a expliqué Gil Rabbi, fondateur et PDG de Storycards.
The Science Times
A massive market for lower-tech software is emerging as an increasing number of companies create engagement products powered by a new breed of low-code platforms.
Entrepreneurs Break
The company hopes that its invention, the internet’s first no-code engagement product, will deliver next-level engagement and user experience while fostering a new development culture.
Digital Journal
Storycards, the world’s first editor to build professional and custom engagement products in a completely visual canvas with no-code, has been chosen by The European Business Review as one of 5 innovative startups to watch.
The Daily Scanner
Guru Gil Rabbi is one of the finest coders in the industry, leading to Israeli Storycards, one of the most exciting companies after the success of Wix. The increase of Wix has led to more and more users capable of creating their own websites without any need for knowledge.
Hudson Weekly
With the huge success of companies that give the option to create websites without knowledge, Storycards is making a bold attempt to do the same but in the world of engagement.
What can make Storycards get the job done with no coding is a nascent technology: AI. Storycards recommended how to increase the level of engagement with the consumers.
Net News Ledger
Storycards, an interactive AI digital product aimed at capturing the attention of consumers and increasing interaction, while also providing real-time feedback regarding consumer behavior.
Keshet Broadcasting is cutting back on its holdings in startup Storycards, in light of the founder's expansion plans now turning to the international market.