Let’s meet Storycards Editor

Design as you want
Absolute control and freedom to design just the way you want it. Start with a template or from scratch and build your custom design. Smooth drag and drop, no coding required.
Not more of the same
Storycards gives you the ability to create any concept and the freedom to design as you want, with no limits. Cutting-edge responsive design with smooth drag and drop, no code needed.
Responsive design
Design any element differently for Mobile, Tablet or Desktop and adjust layouts by platform and device with an easy preview feature.
Use your own fonts
You can choose from our fonts gallery or upload your own fonts to match your brand. Adjust everything from line height to letter spacing.
Add your content
Work directly with our editor to add your content, texts and images into your card’s design, so you can see how your content looks as you design it in real time.
Tailor your content by platform
Adjust or change parts of your text and content between the mobile, tablet and desktop platforms, so a long title in the desktop version can become an alternate shorter text in the mobile version.
Create reusable components
Every element in your story can become a reusable component that will be seamlessly updated across your entire story, so you can change something on one card and it will be updated on all other cards, with a single edit.
Grid layouts and boxes
Build grid layouts and boxes to your design and align them as desired with the editor menu. You also always have the option to write your own CSS code directly into the editor and style every element to perfection.
Create global and sticky elements
Define your headers, footers or any other element as global elements that will automatically display on all your Storycards. Apply element as “pin to card”, so it stays floating during scroll.
Choose any element of your card that you want to animate, and customize it's duration and delay.
Add share buttons
Add, design and place share buttons on your story, through which your users will be able to share the product with their friends.
SEO tools
Add your meta data with SEO tools, enter your story title and description.
Define repetition
Each product can be defined as a one time per user activity, or as an activity with unlimited participation.
Add your own code
And if all that's not enough for you, add your custom code on every card.
Marketing pixels
Adding your marketing pixels gives you the ability to create a custom audience by users' choices. You can add pixel code on any element, answer or card.
Revision history
Everything you do inside the editor and any changes by other users on your team are saved automatically, you can go back at any time and use revision history to publish old versions.